Simplifying websites for small businesses.

Welcome to Flexible Web. I simplify EVERY aspect of websites for small businesses. You do what you do best whilst your website acts as your single best marketing tool.

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Feel confident before investing.


I’d like to invite you to a demonstration so that you can see why my websites are such a great investment for your small business. We can do this face-to-face or via a video call, whatever suits you.


Demo Websites.

I have put together a few ficticious website home pages so that you can see how flexible my websites can be.  Remember this site itself is also built using the same solution, so if you see it here, you have it too.

See the demonstration websites below.


Demo Sites.

Simply click on any of the images below to open up one of the demo sites.

There’s only one big decision that you need to make.

Do you want

A day of face-to-face training.

Spend a whole day with me learning how to use your website and building out your first pages. This puts you in complete control of your website going forward.


Me to build your website for you.

If you see the value in a website for your business but have no genuine interest in updating it yourself, then simply send across all of your content and I’ll build it for you.


Six reasons why a website with me is a great investment for your small business.



Simple to use.

You won’t have to battle with your website to publish content.  It will be a pleasure to use and you’ll want to create content. You can even share the load with multiple user accounts.




I set up Flexible Web to ensure small businesses, like you, have the opportunity to generate money via a slick, professional website, without breaking the bank.



Mobile friendly.

Your website will work across all devices. So regardless of whether someone is looking at your website on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, they’ll get a consistent and optimised experience.




A website that is fit for today, tomorrow and the future.  As well as a huge selection of functionality, I constantly add new features to your website. These become available to you at no extra charge.



Google friendly.

More like, Google best mates. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy will be completely in your control or a doddle to sub out to a third-party.



Quick and professional.

There won’t be any long waits to get your website up and running. Launch immediately with a fantastic looking home page and create additional content as and when you’re ready.

Still not convinced?

Remember EVERYTHING you see anywhere on this site or any of the demo sites is available to you too. But here’s another hatful of reasons, if you’re not already excited to get started with your new website.

More reasons

Latest News.

A major pivot for Flexible Web

18.07.22  |  Tagged as: Insight, News

From the start I’ve always said that Flexible Web exists to help small businesses in any way that they need to be helped.

Based on recent feedback, this means Flexible Web is now pivoting to match my clients needs.

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Staff Profiles Build Trust

22.06.22  |  Tagged as: Insight

Websites are all about building trust, so having an easy way to show potential clients who they’ll be working with is a massive winner in the trust building department.

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The power of a single click

21.03.22  |  Tagged as: Insight

By considering you, the business owner, at every stage of the process, I make you feel like a web wizard with just the click of a button.

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Everything you see throughout this site, as well as a great deal more, is available to you at your fingertips.  If you want me to help your small business get a slick, professional website, then simply fill in the form below.