Small business websites that are affordable, mobile friendly, easy to update and flexible.


Welcome to Flexible Web.

If you’re a small business, a website will be high up on your priority list.

You know that a website will be a great marketing tool for you, generating you visitors and money.

However you may also feel that the whole process is a bit daunting or confusing.

You don’t know where to start or how much a website should cost.

I simplify EVERY aspect of websites for small businesses.

What you need is an expert who can simplify the whole process whilst delivering you a first class website, all within your budget.

That’s exactly why I created Flexible Web.

I am empowering small businesses to generate money through their websites and I can’t wait to get your business online.

Why Flexible Web is a great fit for your business.

For a great price, Flexible Web allows you to update not only the content of your site with ease, but also the layout / structure.

By putting together a selection of flexible functionality for you to choose from, you are in full control of your site.

Your websites will be fast, mobile friendly / responsive, Google friendly and affordable.  They are extremely easy to use and are flexible.

And with one of my sites, you can be confident that your visitors will get the vital first impression you desire.

Not only that, but your website will build trust with visitors which is a critical factor in converting them into loyal, paying customers.

See a full list of the functionality on offer.

Free demonstration.

To give you complete peace of mind before investing in a website with me, I’d love to demonstrate to you just how powerful and intuitive your website will be.

I’m happy to visit you but you’re also more than welcome to come into the office which is on the Portman Road in Reading.

If you would prefer to have your demonstration over a video chat, that’s great too.

You can book your free demo by calling me on 0118 957 6929, emailing me at or by clicking the button below and filling out a simple form.


Why did I create Flexible Web?

I started Flexible Web to give small businesses, just like yours, a powerful and intuitive website that will generate money for you.

Websites are ultimately the first port of call for your potential clients.

Websites allow someone to quickly check you and your competitor/s, and  then weigh up who they may want to use so it’s important your website gives a great first impression.


Latest News.

Websites are an investment for small businesses

24.09.21  |  Tagged as: Insight

Whilst it is only natural to have some hesitation about spending money on your website, you have to remember that it is an investment.

Websites generate money for your business and also allow you to calculate your ROI (Return On Investment).


What can you expect from your day of training?

26.08.21  |  Tagged as: Uncategorised

A day of face-to-face training ensures your website becomes your best marketing tool.

I’ll get you building pages instantly, which is by far the best way to learn.


What is a CMS?

22.08.21  |  Tagged as: Beginners Guide

A critical part of a great website is a CMS.

It will provide you with a simple way to create, edit and delete content so you need it to be your best friend and not your worst enemy.