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Does your website need a refresh?

05.09.22 | Tagged as: Insight

There are some classic signs that you need your website refreshed, but generally you know when your current site has reached it’s expiry date.


A major pivot for Flexible Web

18.07.22 | Tagged as: Insight, News

From the start I’ve always said that Flexible Web exists to help small businesses in any way that they need to be helped.

Based on recent feedback, this means Flexible Web is now pivoting to match my clients needs.


Staff Profiles Build Trust

22.06.22 | Tagged as: Insight

Websites are all about building trust, so having an easy way to show potential clients who they’ll be working with is a massive winner in the trust building department.


The power of a single click

21.03.22 | Tagged as: Insight

By considering you, the business owner, at every stage of the process, I make you feel like a web wizard with just the click of a button.


Websites are an investment for small businesses

24.09.21 | Tagged as: Insight

Whilst it is only natural to have some hesitation about spending money on your website, always remember that your website is an investment.