The functionality below is available to everyone. Completely flexible, you can rearrange them in any order and use each one as many times as you like.

It is just a small taste of what’s on offer and they’re are numerous other layouts and configurations available to you.

2. Text.

Text is boring right?  No! It allows you to generate organic traffic for your site through Google and is still the #1 ranking factor for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). You need to ensure that when it’s used, it provides value to your visitors / potential clients. The key thing to remember is ‘All killer (content), no filler’.

It’s important to remember that your text should be keyword rich. So if for instance you have a website selling websites to small businesses, then that should get a mention.  Keep the language natural as if you were talking to someone.  Overuse of keywords will be penalised if the context doesn’t make sense.

Break your text up into one, two, three (as seen here) or four columns.  Adding a heading is optional and you can also add an optional button afterwards.  You can use the button as a call to action after a compelling piece of copy.  A good example of this would be sending someone to a contact page to fill out a form.

3. Full screen images.

These are a great way of showing of a killer image. Text is optional.

4.  Countdown timer.

Santa's On His Way

Sunday 25th December 2022 - 00:00

5. Forms.

6. Sliders.

Full screen or traditional. We’ve got you covered. Below is an example of a full screen slider.

This is the caption for slide one

This is the caption for slide two

This is the caption for slide three

This is the caption for slide four

7. Image carousel.

A carousel of images.  You can have optional text below or on the image itself as well as an optional link for each image.

8. Teasers.

These essentially provide access into other important areas of your website and would be used on your home page or other landing pages such as a portfolio or services page.

They can be configured in a few different ways and can also automatically pull in information to other pages such as a selection of portfolio items / case studies.

Project Teaser

This could be an image and a brief description of a project.  Clicking on the link would take you through to a detail page with a gallery of images and a detailed description of the project.

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Case Study Teaser

This could be a teaser for a case study.  Clicking through would give more information on that case study, a testimonial from the client and then a contact form.  A smart way to generate leads.

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Generate Money

Teasers are an effective way to drive traffic from your landing pages into detail pages. From here you can provide detailed information that demonstrates expertise, which builds trust and leads to sales.

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9. Testimonials.

"It's always useful for a business to have some testimonials from some happy clients"


"They add an authenticity to your product or service and instill a level of trust"


"It's always best to include a name / job title / location when using these."


"Just ensure that you have permission from the person first!"

John Sheehan, Reading

10. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Not only does an FAQ section demonstrate your knowledge in your chosen field but they also save you a lot of time and therefore money in emails / phone calls.

It’s easier for you if a customer finds an answer to a question they have on your site rather then call you up or email you.

And chances are the same questions keep cropping up over and over again.


Question one

This text would contain the answer to question one.


Question two

This text would contain the answer to question two.


Question three

This text would contain the answer to question three.


Question four

This text would contain the answer to question four.

11. News / Blog.

Display your latest news post/s.  You can choose how many posts should be displayed as well as configure them as follow:

  • Standard: As per below.
  • Masonry: A tiled setup making maximum use of the available space.
  • Carousel: A rotating set of news / blog articles.

Does your website need a refresh?

05.09.22  |  Tagged as: Insight

There are some classic signs that you need your website refreshed, but generally you know when your current site has reached it’s expiry date.

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A major pivot for Flexible Web

18.07.22  |  Tagged as: Insight, News

From the start I’ve always said that Flexible Web exists to help small businesses in any way that they need to be helped.

Based on recent feedback, this means Flexible Web is now pivoting to match my clients needs.

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Staff Profiles Build Trust

22.06.22  |  Tagged as: Insight

Websites are all about building trust, so having an easy way to show potential clients who they’ll be working with is a massive winner in the trust building department.

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12. Gallery.

One of my client’s most popular requests is a gallery to show off their images.

Below is a 3 column, edge-to-edge gallery with gaps. The images fade from black and white to colour.  Lightbox functionality is included so please click on an image below to see how this works.

With my galleries you can configure:

  • Number of images per row.
  • Gaps or no gaps between images.
  • Edge-to-edge galleries to maximise screen space.
  • Image Animations.
  • Masonry galleries which not only look great but work perfectly when your image sizes are not consistent.
  • Lightbox functionality that lets you click on an image to see a larger version of it.

13. Grid.

Grids are a great way to break up content with some stunning images.

They can also contain text and links which allows for multiple calls to action.

14. Split content.

This allows you to use any combinations of the following items:

Countdown timer / Counter / Form / Image / Testimonial / Text / Video

You can also configure how much space should be allocated to the left and right of the split to create interesting layouts.

Below is an example of a counter and some text.



40% of UK small businesses have no website at all.

That’s one of the reasons I launched Flexible Web because websites generate money for small businesses…FACT!

I also want to help those small businesses who are fed up with their current site and are in need of a refresh.

15. Staff profiles.

These could be configured in numerous ways using the functionality above but I have also supplied a dedicated staff profile section.

Staff profiles build trust in your company.  People feel they know you before they actually know you.

Don’t forget you also get the following as standard.

  • Logo, site colours, and fonts will all be updated to reflect your brand.
  • Blog / news pages with a multitude of configurations.
  • Unlimited pages.  No extra charges for new pages.
  • Social media integrated on to your site.
  • Animations can be added to all elements.
  • Drop down menus if required.
  • Google map embeds to show where your business is located.  Another great way of building trust with potential clients.
  • Search functionality to let your users find the content they want quickly.
  • Google analytics installation to enable you to keep track of your visitor numbers and behaviour.
  • A fully responsive website so it will work on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • One free year of hosting.
  • A whole day of face-to-face time with me.  I’ll show you how to build your site and you can ask me all the questions you like.

Simply get in contact using the form below.