What can you expect from your day of training?

26.08.21 | Tagged as: Insight

From my perspective, the only goal of your training session should be to make sure you know how to use your site.

Your expectation may be to build your entire site on the day.

Ultimately you are in control of how the day goes, but I strongly recommend not going down that path.

Whilst we may build a couple of ‘live’ pages together, it’s more important to understand how to use your site.

All are welcome.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that training doesn’t have to be one-on-one.

Your website allows you to create multiple user accounts, which is a great strategy for sharing the load for content creation.

You are free to invite anyone who may be responsible for creating content on your website.

Training venue.

There are 3 options available. I can:

  • Travel to your offices or a venue of your choice.
  • Host you at my office.
  • Deliver your training session completely online using something like Zoom.

What does a typical training session look like?

I’m more than happy to be led by you in terms of how your training day goes but a typical training session would look like this.


After a brief introduction from me about how your website works, you’ll log in to your CMS (Content Management System) and immediately start creating your first page.

Getting hands on is always the best way to learn.

Feel free to bombard me with questions.


I go over the configuration options that are available to you.

This includes things like how to add animations, colours, layouts etc.


We go through what an ideal page layout might look like and build that page.

This is important because although your visitors / potential customers have free will over how they interact with your website, there are proven techniques to encourage them to take an action of your choice.


Break for lunch.


We’ll set up some blog / news posts or case studies / portfolio items.

This will involve looking at tagging which allows visitors to find content that is of most interest to them as quickly as possible.

Lastly we’ll look at how we can pull this information into other pages of your site to act as ‘teasers’.


We’ll talk SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) / Googe rankings, including how to analyse your competitors.

I’ll then show you how to manage this on your website and we’ll also discuss landing pages.


You should now feel comfortable using your website.

During this last couple of hours you might:

  • Sit with me whilst you create some pages.
  • Ask me some questions. It may be cliche but there is no bad or stupid question so please ask me whilst we’re in a room together.
  • Talk to me about an SEO strategy including how to utilise landing pages.

What the meetings not for.

I don’t want to waste your time on anything other then getting familiar with using your website.

It would be useful to have the following company branding items before our training session:

  • Brand colours
  • Font choices
  • Imagery

If you have all of these then great, if not then please don’t worry, it’s something we can discuss towards the end of the day.

Not having these will NOT prevent an effective training session as we can use a set of defaults, but if you do, then it will make your site look and feel much more like…..your site.

And of course all of these things can be integrated post training session.

Post training.

My websites are extremely easy to use.

However it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have support, post training.

Please feel free to jump on my weekly zoom call or drop me an email and I will get back to you very quickly.

I’m always more than happy to take a phone call, but please bear in mind that I am not always available at that moment in time to answer.

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