The need for speed…..y website launches

03.04.19 | Tagged as: Insight

Getting a website up and running quickly is a very common request from the small businesses that I speak to.

But just how quickly can you get one of my websites up and running?

The good news

Extremely quickly!

With one of my websites, you ‘can’ be up and running in a day.

There are only 2 things that will delay your website going live.

  1. The time it takes for your domain to point to my hosting.
  2. The time it takes to populate your content.

1. Pointing your domain at my hosting

When you get a website from me, you get a years worth of free hosting.

Hosting is essentially the home of your website and your domain has to point to that location.

A domain is simply the address you use to access your website.  For this website the domain / address is:

It’s not a complicated process but it does take some time.

As a rule of thumb it can take between 24-48 hours for this to happen.

If you’ve never had a website before or this is a brand new domain name, then this is not such an issue as I can point it at my hosting immediately.

However, if you have an existing website, then you will want to keep that one up and running until you are ready to switch over to your new website.

2. Populating your content

Populating your content with one of my websites is extremely easy and intuitive BUT you have to have the content in the first place.

The bad news

The single biggest delay that I experience with regards to website launches is clients getting all of their content together.

It is by no means a trivial task.

But there’s more good news

With one of my websites you don’t have to have all of your content from the beginning.

You can start with just a home page and flesh out the rest at a later date.

I honestly believe it’s more important to launch something early and establish a web presence then to wait to and have all of your ducks in a row so to speak.

You’ll get all the training you need to build these additional pages with our day of face-to-face time together and can work on them and launch them as and when you choose to do so.

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