Simplifying websites for small businesses

10.07.21 | Tagged as: Insight

The whole reason for creating Flexible Web was to not only deliver stunning websites for small businesses but also to simplify the entire process. You don’t need anything other then the desire to have a website that generates money for your business.

You don’t need to be a designer.

There is absolutely no need for you to have any design skills.

However, your website will make you feel like you are a designer.

That’s because of all the functionality that you have available to you will fit seamlessly together however you choose to use it.

It will use your companies brand colours and fonts and give your visitors that great first impression that instills trust and confidence in them.

You don’t need any technical skills.

Other than having the ability to type and use a mouse / swipe a finger, there are no technical skills required to use your website.

There is plenty of technical stuff going on in the background to give you an incredible selection of functionality, but you can use all of it in the most simple way possible.

You get access to a huge amount of functionality and layouts.

As you can see from our functionality page, you get access to a lot of different things.

And each of these blocks of functionality can be configured in different ways to suit your needs.

What’s more, this library of functionality continues to grow and is made available to you too.

This ensures that your website is fit for purpose today and for tomorrow and next year.


You can clone content with the click of a button.

Whilst creating a new layout for your webpage is extremely simple, you may have some preferred layouts, or may want to keep layouts consistent for things like case studies.

This can be done with the click of a button, leaving you to simply replace the content.

You get a whole day of training.

Included in the price is a complete day of training.

This training can be one-on-one or you can choose to invite others.

During this training, I’ll show you how to use your site and we will build some pages of your site.

Your website can go live quickly.

In an ideal world, you would have all of your content written, all of your images ready and an idea of all the pages you want to have on your site.

In reality this often isn’t the case.

However that doesn’t matter.

Either way you can get a website up and running extremely quickly.

If you have everything ready then you can literally build out your whole website in a day.

If you don’t, you can start with a home page and nothing else.

A week later, you can add an about page.

Another week later you can add your first case study or blog post.

Whatever you have or don’t have you can have a live website up and running extremely quickly.

You get a free year of hosting.

Hosting is essentially a space on a server where your website resides and people can access it.

It can be quite a headache to set up if you’re new to it, but this is all taken care of and whats more, you get a free year of hosting too.

Ongoing support.

You should be getting the feeling now that Flexible web is a great fit for your small business.

Of course though, you may have questions about ongoing support.

When you purchase one of my websites, you automatically get enrolled into the Flexible Web Tribe. This means:

  • I add new functionality to Flexible Web.  As and when this is done, you get access to if too.
  • I provide a weekly zoom call to anyone who would like to participate. You may have a question on SEO, you may have forgotten something from your training or you may just want to have a chance to network with other Flexible Web Tribe members.
  • You have email support available to you. Any questions you ask will not only be answered but will also make it on to a Flexible Web Tribe FAQ page. So your question may well help others.

Google rankings and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Having a website is great but obviously you want people to find it too.

Although you might not have heard of SEO, you will have heard of Google rankings.

SEO is the process behind increasing your Google ranking and your website will make that process incredibly simple.

A traffic light system gives you a very simple indication whether or not your site is optimised for Google.

And if it isn’t, it even provides instructions on how to rectify that problem.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

Multiple user accounts.

You might be the business owner, you might be the person who has been tasked with getting the website up and running but this does not mean you have to be the only person who adds content to the site.

By having the ability to add multiple accounts, you can increase the amount of content generated or at least share the load.

If you’re interested in a Flexible Web website for your small business then give me a call on 0118 957 6929 or fill in the form below.

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