Becoming part of the Flexible Web tribe

12.03.21 | Tagged as: Insight

Choosing someone to design and build your website is never an easy task.

One of the things you may or may not have thought about is what is available in terms of support once your website is built.

Here at Flexible Web, every site I build automatically enrolls you into the Flexible Web Tribe.


The benefits of this are as follows:


When you purchase a site with me, the functionality you have available at your fingertips will continue to evolve.

Since Flexible Web launched, numerous new functionality and configuration options have been added to my offering.

I integrate these into your site seamlessly so that you can benefit from new ways of laying out and configuring your web pages.

There is no extra cost for this.  It’s part of being in the Flexible Web tribe!


Every week I host a zoom call open to all of the members of the Flexible Web tribe.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how to do something after your training, maybe you want to understand further how you can move up the rankings in Google.

It’s a chance for you to ask me anything you want.  You might even have some new functionality to suggest?

What’s more you can meet and network with other members of the tribe, which is a good way to get some exposure for your business.


I also offer a traditional support system by way of email.

When you get a website with me, you get a whole days training as standard, but of course you may still have questions at some point.

I roll all of these into a Flexible Web Tribe FAQ. Your question may just help other members of the tribe as well as yourself.

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