My name is John Sheehan and I have been developing websites for over 20 years.

Speaking with small businesses on a daily basis gives me a great insight into exactly what it is that you would like from a website.

The things that I most commonly hear are that you want a website that:

  • Looks great and is branded in line with your business.
  • Is extremely easy to use.
  • Generates money for your business.
  • Allows you to generate free traffic via Google.
  • Is affordable.
  • Allows you to calculate your ROI (Return On Investment).

Small businesses have smaller website budgets

It is inevitable that smaller businesses have a smaller budget for their website which is exactly what gave me the idea to create Flexible Web.

I wanted to provide websites within budget but with no compromises.

This means your website will look stunning, have a wealth of functionality and be extremely easy to use.

How do I make websites powerful but affordable?

If you have a custom website design on top of a custom website build, then inevitably it’s going to be expensive.

I’m not saying this isn’t worth it, but for most small businesses it is out of your budget.

However, I’m sure we can agree that most websites look fairly similar.

Strong functionality and layout, company branding, good font choices and a selection of imagery make for a stunning website.

Websites and Prefab homes

A good analogy for my websites would be prefab homes, which are becoming increasing popular.

Who doesn’t want a high quality, stunning looking home without the hassle, time and cost of a traditional build.

And of course this doesn’t even mean they all look the same.

You still have a large selection of configuration options to make your home unique.

And of course the furnishings within the home are completely bespoke.

The one thing we definitely know is that we’re getting a high quality product and that makes the investment easier.

Always focus on the end result

The desired outcome of a new website is one that is:

  • Visually stunning and branded in line with the company.
  • Responsive, so that it works across all devices, e.g. mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc.
  • Packed with functionality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Google friendly.
  • Generates money for your business.
  • Quick to launch.

My websites provide all of that so why would you want to go through the traditional process which involves additional time, money and hassle?

They are powerful, intuitive, affordable, quick to launch and will 100% be completely unique.

Simplifying websites for small businesses

Don’t worry about having to be a technical person.  My websites are powerful but extremely easy and intuitive to use.

You also get a whole day of face-to-face time with me where I will provide you with training on how to use / build your website.

This will give you the confidence to want to continually add content to your website which will be great in terms of generating organic traffic for your business.

My websites offer your small business all of the following:

  • A large selection of easy to use flexible functionality.
  • Branding to match your companies existing identity.  Logos, fonts and colour schemes will all reflect your business.
  • Unlimited pages.  No need to go back to a developer for additional pages or spend addtional money.
  • Mobile friendly / responsive pages.  Don’t worry how your visitors are accessing your site, just know they’ll get a great consistent user experince across all devices.
  • A blog / news page to allow you fo flex your industry knowledge whilst generating fresh content that will be great for your Google rankings.
  • Google analytics / search console will allow you to monitor traffic to your site and see exactly how people are trying to find you.  With this information you can create content to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Animations are very on-trend at the moment and all elements of your site can be animated.
  • A search facility allows visitors to quickly find the content on your site that they are interested in.
  • Google maps functionality.  Build trust with visitors by letting them know exactly where you can be found.
  • Social media channels integrated into your site.  Let your visitors know which social media channels you are active on.
  • A whole year of free hosting.
  • Mailchimp integration.  Start building yourself an email list and automate marketing to this list.  One of the most powerful reasons to have a website in the first place.

If your a small business looking for a new website then I’d love to help. Simply enter your details below and I will drop you a price list and some additional information.