I simplify websites for small businesses

Launching a website can seem daunting.

I launched Flexible Website to simplify the entire process of building, launching and maintaining a website.

Having a website, a professional looking website will generate money for your business.

My websites are powerful, easy to use and affordable.

I will empower you and your company to use your website as your single best marketing tool,

Below are a dozen reasons to choose a website from me.

1. A library of functionality

You will have a large library of functionality at your disposal, allowing you to create a diverse range of pages with ease.

Furthermore the library of functionality continues to grow during the lifetime of your site with no additional cost.

2. Unlimited Pages / Content

There is no limit to the amount of content you can create for your site.

Publish new content whenever you like, be that pages, case studies or blog / news posts.

You won’t need to get back in contact with us and you won’t need to spend any additional money.

3. Mobile Friendly / Resonsive Websites

When someone visits your site, you don’t know what device they are using.

They could be on a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or something else.

My websites ensure that you don’t need to know.

They are optimised for all devices, meaning your potential clients will always receive a great user experience.

4. Blog / News Section

A blog / news section is great for:

  • Adding fresh, useful and informative content.
  • Building trust with potential clients.
  • Boosting your Google rankings.
  • Flexing your expertise within your industry.

Every business should therefore consider maintaining a blog / news section.

5. Integrating Your Companies Brand

You’ll want your website to reflect your current brand and I make this extremely simple.

I will ensure your company logo, fonts, colours and images are integrated into your site.

This builds recognition and trust, making your company instantly recognisable online.

Thinking of changing your brand in the future? No worries, it will be simple to update.

6. Free Hosting For A Year

Hosting is simply the space in which your website ‘lives’ and we’ll happily provide it with a free home for the first year.

We’ll point your domain / web address at your hosting and set up an SSL security certificate.

This is a complicated process if you’ve never done it before so we like making life easy for you by taking care of everything.

7. Google Analytics / Search Console

Installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your website is a smart business decision.

With the data that it provides you are able to tell how people are using Google to:

  • Find your site.
  • Try to find your site.

Armed with this information you can create new content.

And you’ll know this new content will give you the biggest bang for your buck as you have the data to back it up.

In time this will generate free / organic traffic for your business.

Furthermore, the data can also be used as part of your websites ROI (Return On Investment) calculations.

8. Including A Search Facility

People don’t generally spend a long time on a businesses website.

They have an expectation of what they are going to do before they arrive and want to do it in the quickest time possible.

Providing a search facility helps with that process and your visitors will be very grateful for it.

9. Animations

Websites, are for the largest part, fairly static.

A sprinkling of animation can provide a nice visual interlude and be used to draw people’s attention to certain content.

I don’t recommend using them too much, but they can be very impactful when used correctly and all elements of my websites can be animated.

10. MailChimp And Marketing Automation

Have you ever thought about automating some marketing by simply collecting an email address from your website?

Maybe you have, but then assumed it was too complex.

My websites provide the ability to integrate this functionality and that is an extremely powerful marketing tool for your small business.

11. Google Maps

There are many things you can do to build trust on a website.

Trust is essential in order to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

Showing someone the physical location of where your business resides is a great way to build trust and I make it incredibly simple to add a map to your website.

The map will also allow someone to find directions to your business from their current location with ease.

12. A Full Day Of Training

Although my websites are extremely easy to use, a full day of training will ensure you feel empowered to get the most out of your site.

You’ll actually want to create new content which in turn will boost your Google rankings.

And as your ranking improves, you’ll want to create new content.

If you’re a small business looking to launch a new website and are interested in working with me, then simply fill in the form below for a price and some additional information.