Welcome to the Flexible Web tribe

When you purchase a website with me, you automatically become part of the Flexible Web tribe.

What does this mean?

New functionality

Since Flexible Web was launched, I have added new functionality, new configuration options and tidied up and enhanced the code to make everything as intuitive as possible.

All of the above will be available to you so the website you purchase from me today will not be the website that you have next year.

These will automatically be offered to you so that you can use them on your website should you want to do so.

Weekly Zoom call


I offer a weekly zoom which is open to all tribe members.

Maybe you’re not sure how to do something, maybe you have a question on how to move up the rankings in Google, maybe you have a suggestion for some new functionality.

Whatever it is, the weekly Zoom call is the perfect way for me to keep in touch with you and make sure your business is getting the most out of your website.

You can also connect with other tribe members and increase your network.

Support system

I don’t want you to waste time being unproductive on your website.

As part of my offering, you receive a full day of training but of course you may have questions after that.

If you do then I offer a robust email support system.

Any questions you ask may make it on to the Flexible Web Tribes FAQ page, so you may well be helping other people too.