Teach Me How To Build My Website.

Spending the whole day together, I will teach you how to use your website.

Then together we will start building some real pages.

The idea of the day is to get you, and whoever else would like to attend the training, to be completely comfortable with creating, editing, rearranging and deleting content.

There’s no limit on numbers with regards to training, so please do bring along whoever you like.

Remember you require no technical knowledge for this.

If you can type on your keyboard and move your mouse, then you have everything in hand to take complete control of your website.

You can ask me any questions that you have and get real time feedback.

There really is no such thing as a stupid question so bombard me if you want to. It’s best to ask me whilst I’m right there in front of you and will give you peace of mind.

Web Wizard

By the end of the day you’re going to feel like a web wizard and you’ll want to create new content for your site because it’s so simple.

We’ll also talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimistation) and build out a perfect page in SEO terms so that you always have something to reference going forward with any new content that you create.


The training can take place anywhere that there is a half decent internet connection. I can:

  • Travel to your offices or a venue of your choice.
  • Host you at my office.
  • Deliver your training session completely online using something like Zoom, Teams etc.

I’ll travel anywhere in the UK and the furthest I’ve been so far is Birmingham, a mere 116 miles away.

What does your day of training look like?

I’m more than happy to be led by you, but an effective and typical training day will look like the below.

09:00 – 10:00.

After a very high level overview of your website from me, you’ll log straight into your website and begin creating your first page.

Getting hands on is better than simply watching me do it, and you’ll immediately see how quickly you can build out your companies site.

10:00 – 11:00.

We’ll talk configuration and how to use it.

These are very simple checkboxes and dropdowns that allow you to do things like:

  • Animate your content.
  • Change the colour of your content.
  • Create different layout patterns.
  • Choose the number of columns for certain pieces of content.


In terms of a good user experience, there is what you would call an ‘ideal’ layout in order to really convert a visitor into a client.

Ultimately a visitor has free will when they land on your website.

However, using layout strategies is advantageous in getting them to take a desirable action for your business, such as filling in a form or giving you a call.


Break for lunch.

Time to fuel the brain but I am more than happy to talk shop whilst eating a baguette.


We’ll move onto creating posts.

These could be in the form of news / blog posts, case studies etc

We’ll delve into tagging this type of content so visitors to your site can quickly look at content that is of particular interest to them.

Lastly we’ll look at how we can pull this information into any area of your website with the click of a button in order to act as ‘teasers’.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Also known as Google rankings.

SEO is by no means a trivial task, but it is also not overly complicated.

We need to ensure whenever we are creating a piece of content that we are following some golden ruls.

We’ll talk about SEO and then implement it into your website.

In addition, we’ll discusss landing pages and how these are excellent for SEO.


Your confidence will be high now.

You won’t have used everything available to you, but you’ll know how to use it which is the most important thing.

These last couple of hours can be used for anything you want.  We might:

  • Sit together and create some additional pages.
  • Go through any outstanding questions you have.
  • Talk about how to ensure your website remains relevant to Google.

What the training is not for

As important as it is to know what you will be doing, it’s also important to know what we shouldn’t be doing.

Remember the whole idea of the day is to get comfortable with using your website.

Small businesses who don’t know how to use their websites will of course never use them. Or they battle with them and eventually give up.

With that in mind, before the training session you would ideally provide me with all of your companies branding and a library of images.

If you have this, then great. If not, then it will have no bearing at all on the effectiveness of your training session and we can brand it afterwards.

If this feels like the right solution for you, then simply fill in your details below and we can get you booked in for your day of training.