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What is an SSL certificate and do you need one?

15.05.19 | Tagged as: Insight

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”.

In layman terms it simply means that all communications between your browser e.g. Google Chrome and the website that you are visiting are secure.


The need for speed…..y website launches

03.04.19 | Tagged as: Insight

Getting a website up and running quickly is a very common request from the small businesses that I speak to.

But just how quickly can you get one of my websites up and running?


Do you need a blog?

01.03.19 | Tagged as: Insight

Blog functionality comes as standard with one of my sites and is a very useful tool in terms of Google rankings.

However, there are some things to consider before jumping in.


Why small businesses should have a website

21.02.19 | Tagged as: Insight

A website is a great investment for your small business, not just an item to tick of the list.

As with any investment though, it’s essential to know why you’re spending your money.


Why small businesses dont have a website

07.02.19 | Tagged as: Insight

Statistics show that roughly a third of small businesses in the UK don’t have a website.

Given that those businesses are at an immediate disadvantage, I can only assume that they don’t have one for the following reasons.