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Why your small business website isn’t currently successful

19.07.21 | Tagged as: Insight

Merely having a website doesn’t guarantee that it is going to generate business for you.

I discuss some important things to bear in mind when looking for a new website or that may need rectifying on an existing site.


Simplifying websites for small businesses

10.07.21 | Tagged as: Insight

The ultimate aim of Flexible Web is to provide small businesses with high quality websites that are extremely simple to use.

Complexity can, but should never be a barrier to creating a strong online presence.


Becoming part of the Flexible Web tribe

12.03.21 | Tagged as: Insight

Have you thought about what you might need after your site goes live?

When you have a Flexible Web website, then you automatically become part of the Flexible Web Tribe which comes with a number of benefits.


What is it that your small business wants?

05.11.19 | Tagged as: Insight

If the desired result, in this case a website for your business, can be achieved quickly and affordably then why put yourself through the pain of a lengthy process.

Let’s get there quickly and painlessly without sacrificing quality.


SEO is complicated isnt it?

10.09.19 | Tagged as: Insight

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential part of any successful online venture.

You can have the greatest website in the world, but without generating any traffic for that website, it might as well not be there.